Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Non-visual Update

Things are moving along with the house, but not worth pictures at this point. Just the plumbing and electrical mostly. According to the builder, they should start putting in insulation by the end of this week, and after that the dry-wallers will come in. Right now, Justin and I are finalizing our choices for tile, carpet, colors, etc. This is the fun part, but it is also time consuming. I'll be glad when we've settled with our picks and then can just wait. Otherwise, our lives are pretty quiet. I am still trying to adjust to the chaos that is my new job. It is slowly moving in the right direction there, in large part due to the fact that I now have the most seniority on my team. By December when my contract is up, I will be able to tell if they have the capability to be a place I want to stay at for the long term. Justin is starting school again in a couple weeks. He wants to finish up an electronics program at the community college but the interest is fairly low, so there is a chance some of the classes will be cancelled. Other than that, we are excitedly awaiting the cruise! Only 80 more days!