Thursday, January 18, 2007

Night sleeper

We watched The Night Listener last night. I'm rating it a 4, because it was just plain boring. The story felt like it belonged in an hour episode of the Twilight Zone and not a full-length movie. Plus, there were several story elements that just felt "shallow" -- like they'd plant a friend here and there, but you'd never learn much about their personalities or anything. Not one of Robin Williams' best, to be sure.


Well, so far so good on the resolutions. I've lost the Holiday weight and am starting on the "real" 10 pounds before September. One half down and nine and a half to go!

Also, this makes my second post for the month of January, so doing okay there.

As for other things, I'm still playing soccer on Monday nights -- being the goal keeper usually about half the game. My sister, my mother and I found the time to go back to bowling on Tuesday nights. I was off to a decent start, but this week I bowled lousy. Hopefully, I'll find my groove again and keep it this time. Finally, I've been spending time helping Sandra look for a wedding dress. It is such fun to look at all the elegant, playful and just pretty dresses out there. I think she's narrowing down her search and should have "the" dress selected soon.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Top Movies of 2006

Using a combined score from both my and Justin's rating, here are the highest ranked movies we saw in 2006. The titles should link to IMDB, and the rating should link to our comments. Some of these were released in late 2005, but they didn't get on last year's list. For more movie ratings, visit our home page,

RankTitleAngie RatingJustin Rating
1V for Vendetta88
2Inside Man78
2Little Miss Sunshine78
4District B1377
4Kiss Kiss Bang Bang77
9Devil Wears Prada, The58
9Illusionist, The67
9Mission Impossible 367


Okay, so it's a week past New Year's and time to get going on my resolutions. I made only two this year. First, to lose that last ten pounds that I've been struggling with for awhile before my sister's wedding in September. It seems feasible to lose ten pounds in nine months. I've even got somewhat of a start -- I've lost a pound and a half of Holiday weight. I'm not counting the first three pounds, since they were put on only since the middle of December.

Anyway, the second resolution is to post to this blog at least twice a month. Again, that doesn't seem like too much of a stretch. And this post isn't going to count either. If I can find some free time, I'm thinking about giving the template (i.e. layout and colors) an overhaul too.