Monday, April 28, 2008

Challenge Update

So I have been trying to get ready for Corporate Challenge. The first event is disc golf and I'll be in my first official tournament next Saturday. Yikes!! I've been out to practice only twice so far and will go again one more time before this weekend. Hopefully that is enough.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random thoughts

So I wanted to test using email to blog from work – the idea is that I’ll actually post more often that way. Ever heard the saying, "Don’t mix friends and business", or something to that effect? Well, I am trying to deal with that lately. I like to be on good terms with my coworkers, and I am currently blessed that I really like the people on my team right now. That means that most of them I would actually consider my friend as well as coworker. Lately, however, this has led to stress on my account when one of my colleagues doesn’t something really stupid. In fact, one person in particular has basically screwed up our application in so many ways lately that it is starting to cause me nightmares. How should I approach this person? He is so happy-go-lucky, that I don’t think he is bothered with the mess that we are dealing with. But I am bothered. I take great pride in my work, and thus in the application that I develop and support, and when it isn’t working right I feel responsible and want to work hard to correct the situation. How do I tell this guy he is a screw-up and I never want to work with him again, but yet I still want to be his friend because he is happy and fun to be around?

Way way WAY behind

I'm hoping some of you out there have been wondering what happened to me and/or my blog. Let me answer a few questions real quick: Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I have been busier than heck (especially at work), but things are starting to calm down. Yes, I got to take my vacation to the Caribbean and yes, it was wonderful. Yes, I did take pictures, but no, I have not loaded them into the computer yet. I plan to try and do some serious updates to this site in the coming weeks, so let me know (via comments or email) if there is anything specific you want to see.