Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Precious Visit

My brother and his wife came to visit and brought my favorite niece with them.

Bumper cars for grown-ups

My friend DaNay took me to my first demolition derby at the Johnson County fair. It was more fun than I expected and actually quite a stress-reliever to watch cars pound into each other.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


It never fails that when I first walk in the door from a long trip, my mind is boiling with lots of details that I want to share. Yet I'm so exhausted that I decide to wait a day or two to let my life return to normal before sifting through pictures and putting it all together. Then, by the time I'm actually at the keyboard, all the cool stories are completely wiped from my memory and all I have left are a few unimpressive pictures.

Here below are those meager images for your perusal.

FYI, I do want to state again that I had a ton of fun at OrcStomp -- the 5K run that I participated in at this convention. I am enjoying running a lot and I now want to sign up for some more races nearby. Once I figure out a plan, I'll post something so maybe a few of you will join me!