Wednesday, July 14, 2010

KantCon was awesome!

It's hard to recapture all the cool things that happened at KantCon over the weekend. Basically, I went in to this both hopeful and nervous, and I came out exuberant and exhausted. I am really excited about the prospects for next year and I hope I can be just a little more involved and helpful. While I was there, I kept forgetting that I had a camera with me. Even when I did remember it was there, I would pick it up only rarely, so I have very few photos to share. They don't do the experience justice.

For all of you who ignored my spams about this event, I feel sorry for you. You missed out on some serious fun. Maybe next year you will heed my pleas.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pool Party

So Sandra and Eric finally held a big pool party at their new house over the holiday weekend. Luckily, Jason and Amy were able to come up and attend, so Savannah was there too. I haven't had time to add captions and create an interesting post with description or anything yet, so here are just the raw photos.