Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Post-a-week Project

I have decided what I will start "journaling" about, to mimic my sister's photo-a-day efforts. As I mentioned I already knew that doing something every day would almost certainly ensure failure, so I planned to post once a week. At first I thought I would just do a full movie review per week, but I'll be watching movies anyway so that doesn't really stretch myself. Then I thought about something more along the "creative" side of myself, like doing a sketch, drawing, or painting a week. This was putting the pendulum back on the "too hard" side again. I haven't been drawing much lately, and although I think this might be a worthy goal for next year, I'm just not there yet. Finally, I figured out something that not only allows me to post on the blog once a week, but also gives me a good excuse to keep up with my reading of Americans' Favorite Poems, which I received as a gift two years ago.

So the plan is to pick my favorite poem of the week and add some of my thoughts, reactions, what-not. And I'll go ahead and kick-off the project with one of my favorite poems of all time, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

This is a long one, and there are so many different sections that really resonate with me. Even though most of the obvious theme about social life I can't directly relate to since I'm not a "party" person, there is an under-current of self-doubt and fear that I still struggle with from time to time. As you may guess, this poem was first discovered by me in high school, in the middle of adolescent angst, where questions of "Do I dare?" seemed to haunt me all the time. And now looking back as I am older, I am satisfied that I did bite the matter off with a smile, and it was worth it after all. So let us go then, you and I, and listen to the mermaids sing.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What'cha watching?

By the way, you may have noticed that I haven't posted a movie review in awhile. This is because I haven't watched anything memorable lately, as well as the fact that I've been ensnared in TV-land. In addition to keeping up-to-date on Heroes, Justin and I have caught up on House, Boston Legal, and are almost there with Numb3rs. I am really enjoying the last, not only because it shows one of my early loves in a good light (mathematics), but it also has a nice balance of drama, comedy, suspense, education, and character development. I am very glad that it hasn't gone too "soap opera" yet -- the characters get their short moments, but they don't dominate the episode plot-lines. And how can you look down on an entertainment medium that teaches about the uses of graphs, equations, data collection and more!

Inspired by the younger generation

Okay, so my sister isn't exactly an entire generation younger than I am, but she definitely has that youthful attitude that often inspires me. Lately, she's started her own blog that I'm thinking about completely ripping-off: Sandra's photo journal. I mean, how cool is it to have an excuse to use your camera all the time? I don't know.... I don't want to be the copy-cat. So I am trying to think of something else that I could post on a semi-regular basis. My hope is to have it planned out by the time I'm due for my second post-of-the-month here.