Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The theatre is on its way!

And yes, we are using the black sheets again for now. It's a quick and easy way to throw up "walls" and keep the room fairly dark. This time the media is on display outside the room. Posted by Picasa

Here it is... the projector installed and ready to go! It took four adults probably about an hour to get the job done. It wasn't a pretty site. But now we can start working on the drywall and hopefully get things really running soon. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grand Canyon!

Well, our trip is pretty much set. We are going to leave Friday after work on March 17th and head towards Oklahoma City. We'll stay with my brother and sister-in-law overnight and probably disc golf or geocache the next morning. Then we'll take our time over the next couple of days to actually get to the canyon; stopping in Amarillo and Albuquerque doing more disc golfing and geocaching. Once we get there, we'll try to do the hike down to the river. And we've also booked a cool helicopter ride! I am very excited about that part. Finally, we'll take our time on the way back too; making similar stops before finally getting home either Saturday or Sunday, March 25th or 26th. Oh... and the best part -- we are renting a car, so I don't have to worry about Justin wrecking mine again. :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Vacation planning

Justin and I have been talking about going to the Grand Canyon over Spring Break for a couple weeks now. I kept asking him to plan the trip, and basically what I heard was "Yeah, yeah. It's taken care of." Well our concepts of plan are pretty different. He was under the impression we could just drive out there, find a hotel we like, goof off for awhile, find some trails to hike, and then come back when we felt like we were done. I, on the other hand, was under the impression that plan meant to gather research, book events ahead of time, and understand what is available and what is not. After some discussion, it was decided to at least figure out where good hiking would be. One of Justin's first hits proved my point. Needless to say, there will be more research done before we leave.