Monday, June 06, 2011

Still running

So most of my training so far has been inside and on an elliptical machine (because that's what we happen to have at home). I was a little worried that this might skew things for me because I know that elliptical is really nothing like actual running. However, I decided to keep with it because of two primary reasons: 1) It was an excuse to keep exercising and add some structure to my routine. 2) Even if I couldn't actually run, I figured this would increase my endurance; especially since when I'm on the machine my 'walking' periods are more like jogging and my 'run' periods are almost at my top speed.

This weekend I finally did my first test outside and on the pavement. I managed to coax my husband to come along since I was still in the first week of C25k and more than half the time is spent walking anyway. We headed out to the park and around the joggling trail there, and it was so easy! I think that the elliptical really is building up my endurance because I never really felt tired until about the last run segment. I did feel a little bit of pressure on my shins, but that's because my running shoes are about a year old and have never been used for real running before. I think with some new shoes, I will be set.

Now that the weather is so nice, my hope is to run outside at least once a week and maybe even more once I continue to adjust to waking up early. I am encouraged, because I feel that this 5K thing could really be in reach!